Thursday, June 24, 2010


Today, June 24, 2010, at approximately 8:45 a.m., I strolled (OK, inside I was hopping, skipping, running, doing cartwheels, etc.) into our small-town post office and happily handed over an envelope which contained our notarized homestudy report, a cover letter requesting fingerprint appointments for Garth and me, a copy of our birth certificates, a copy of our marriage license, and a check for $830 to the postal woman behind the desk. I had a HUGE cheshire-cat-like smile on my face and informed her that I wanted a tracking number on this envelope that was addressed to the oh so important USCIS in Dallas, Texas. She smiled slightly at me and then went behind a partition...probably to laugh silently. She came back around with a smile and handed me the ticket that will allow me to track the package. Approximately 6 to 12 weeks after USCIS gets the I-600A, we will receive the even more important I-171H. The I-171H is one of the MOST IMPORTANT forms because it allows for international children to be brought back to the US! We will actually take the original to Ethiopia with us! Before that can happen, however, we have a few more things to accomplish, which I will outline later. In the meantime, Garth and I are starting a new endeavor to raise money...a booth at the Finders Keepers Flea Market in Uehling. For anyone in the area, you should really go take a look there. It is a really big place and there are a lot of treasures that can be found. We are trying it out for two months to see how it goes. Hopefully it will work out really well! I will also continue to apply for loans and grants, until they have all been completed.

Thank you again for your help on this journey. Now please pray that we get our I-171H in 6 weeks instead of 12 or later.


Carmen Druckenmiller

PS Don't forget about our coffee fundraiser! In addition to helping us, you will be helping support Ethopian coffee farmers. Go to to order today!


  1. congratulations!!! How exciting for your family! One step closer ( :

  2. Hi Carmen! Great to see a fellow Nebraskan adopting from Ethiopia! We live in Ashland... I have no idea where Oakland is, but I'm going to look it up now! Congratulations on getting that mountain of paperwork done. :)

  3. WOO HOO!!!!! What a weight off your shoulders, huh?!?! Just think! It will feel even lighter to be DTE! Not too far off now! Celebrating with you! We are starting our 7th week of waiting for our I171-H.....praying for a shorter wait for you! :o)

  4. Congratulations!!!! I'm hoping we'll be taking that walk Tuesday before we leave for vacation. Praying the wait is short for both of us!


Today I Kissed an Angel

Today I kissed an angel. I knew it from the start. The first time my angel smiled at me; I gave away my heart.

Today I kissed an angel; This angel child of mine. Though not of my creation, My child by God's design.

Today I kissed an angel. My heart is dancing wild; Our family, by a miracle; Blessed by our angel child.

All I Really Want by Steven Curtis Chapman