Monday, November 8, 2010

It was an ordinary day...

Friday, November 5, 2010 started out to be a regular day. Garth got up and went to work at about 6:00 a.m. and I got up around 8:30 to do some things around the house before I started working. During my afternoon break, I decided to check my e-mail. Fridays are usually quite busy for the Ethiopia Yahoo Group because families get e-mails about being DTE as well as referral calls/e-mails. Among the YG e-mails was one from a family who had received a referral the previous Friday for two boys ages 2 and 4. When I saw their DTE date, I noticed that it was the same as ours, 9/3/10. While I was very happy for them, the human side of me was very frustrated that we didn't get that referral. I had a little pity party and even told God that it wasn't fair (just like my 3-year-old nephew). I knew in my heart that we would get a referral at the exact right time, but I desperately wanted it to be now! Well about 20 minutes after I had that little pity party, my cell phone rang...the caller ID said "AWAA". My heart skipped a beat and I mentally told myself not to get too excited (even though my heart was beating about twice as fast as normal). When I answered, Caitlin identified herself and told me that this wasn't an official referral call...and my heart dropped. You see, when Garth and I had sent in our official request, we had said that we would prefer a boy and a girl, but were open to both children being the same gender. Caitlin then said that they had two brothers who were available to be adopted and since we were open to having them be the same gender, wanted to give us the chance to get that referral. Inside I was screaming "YES! SEND US THE REFERRAL" but I calmly told Caitlin that I would have to talk to Garth and let her know. I hung up the phone and immediately started crying. It occurred to me that God was probably up in heaven laughing hysterically that just a few minutes before I was having a pity party over not getting a referral. :-) I hadn't even seen the pictures of the boys or anything, but my inner being was saying that I was finally going to be a mom...the one thing I had been dreaming about for as long as I can remember. I called Garth and was able to compose myself enough when the receptionist answered, but as soon as I heard Garth's voice say "Garth speaking" I started to cry again. Of course Garth was wondering what was going on and I eventually was able to tell him...we MIGHT have a referral. I told him about Caitlin's call and he said..."let's talk about it tonight." Once again, my heart dropped. That meant that we wouldn't be able to get the information until Monday and I would have the entire weekend to wonder what they look like, their information, etc. Thankfully, about 30 minutes later, I got an e-mail from Garth that said to let Caitlin know that we would like the referral. HALLELUJAH!!! My hands were shaking so bad while I was dialing AWAA's phone number that I was sure I would enter the wrong number, but thankfully I didn't. When Caitlin answered the phone, I told her we would LOVE to get the referral e-mail, to which she replied, "Then this is your official referral call!" The boys are so adorable. I wish I could share their pictures with you and tell you their names, but we can't until we pass court.

You may be asking yourself "how can they be getting a referral for siblings when they were just number 13 on the list?" My answer is...God works in mysterious ways. It's possible that the families ahead of us wanted a girl or their age range was younger than ours. Whatever the reason, the Lord picked US to be parents to these two boys....and we are THRILLED!

So what happens next? Well, last night Garth and I made the next payment of $9385. You might notice that we don't quite have that full amount yet on our thermometer, but God has always provided in the past and I know he will this time as well.

Tomorrow I am going to Fed Ex the referral acceptance forms to America World who will then begin doing what they do so we can get a court date. The recent court dates have been in January, so it's possible we will be able to go that month or in February to meet our boys! I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh my goodness! So exciting. Congratulations!!!!!!

  2. I am very excited for you as you anticipate each step of this process. It's very similar to a pregnancy. Certain milestones occur with being pregnant and with adopting. The feeling in your heart, head and hands are the same whether adopting or actually bearing the child yourself.

    This is great news Carmen and I'm so happy for you!!

  3. Yay!!!! So excited for you! Huge congrats to you guys! I can't wait to see their little faces!

  4. SUPER excited for you guys!!! Congratulations! God is SO good isn't HE?

  5. Congratulations Carmen!!!! That gives me goosebumps since we are #12 on AGCI's list =) Yay!!

  6. AWESOME story! Praise God! Don't you just LOVE how He brings us to exactly the children He has planned for us all along!?!? :o)


Today I Kissed an Angel

Today I kissed an angel. I knew it from the start. The first time my angel smiled at me; I gave away my heart.

Today I kissed an angel; This angel child of mine. Though not of my creation, My child by God's design.

Today I kissed an angel. My heart is dancing wild; Our family, by a miracle; Blessed by our angel child.

All I Really Want by Steven Curtis Chapman