Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kidney stones, stents, and EKGs

Right now i am sitting in room 528 at Fremont Area Medical Center (FAMC) in Fremont, Nebraska. Why am I here? It all started on New Year's Day. I can't remember when on that Saturday Garth mentioned that he had a pain in his right lower quadrant and pretty much rested all day. Sunday night it was worse so he decided to go to the emergency room in Oakland where they did an abdominopelvic x-ray. The ER doctor thought  there might be a kidney stone, but he wasn't positive. He gave him some pain medications and Garth called me to come pick him up (which is about a half block away, I might add). The medications did wonders and so he went to work on Monday and worked a full day. Tuesday the pain came back but he went to work anyway and came home around 3:30. I had made another doctor's appointment for him at the Oakland Mercy Clinic. Dr. Martin saw him and said that she was pretty sure he had a kidney stone. She gave him some pain medications and told him that if he didn't feel a lot better the next day to call and they would do a CT scan. So Wednesday morning he was still in pain so he called and got an appointment to get the CT scan right away. I had planned to go to Fremont that morning so I could Fed Ex my Visa application and while I was in the Fed Ex office, Garth called and said that he did have a kidney stone and they wanted him to see a specialist in Fremont to have a cystoscopy and stent placement. I got home around 11:30 and found out that he would need to go to the ER at FAMC. So I worked for a couple hours and then we both drove to Fremont together. Since cystoscopy patients usually go home the same day, we didn't bring anything with us except for a couple books.

The urologist wanted him to be admitted to the hospital and if everything went well we'd be able to go home later that night. Well the cystoscopy went very well. Garth had quite a bit of infection in that kidney because it had been blocked for quite a while so it was good that they got the stent in there to help that kidney drain. We came back up in the room and Garth was recovering from his anesthesia. When the night nurse came in she was asking how he was feeling and he said fine, but that he had had a brief moment of some chest pressure. So, we got to stay overnight. Since we hadn't brought Garth's CPAP machine with us, I got to go home again, got the CPAP, my laptop, put on some comfy clothes, and headed to Fremont for the 3rd time that day.

Overnight, he had 3 EKGs, 3 sets of cardiac enzymes (lab draws), and several sets of vital signs taken since he had just had surgery. Needless to say we didn't get much sleep. I "slept" in the recliner next to his bed.

This morning, the cardiologist's PA-C came in to talk to us and we found out that Garth had a T-wave inversion in lead 3 and early repolarization. If any of my doctor friends would like to translate that into layman's terms, please feel free to leave a comment. :-) They wanted to do a few more lab tests (CBC, BMP, and lipid panel), another EKG, and an echocardiogram (ECG). The ECG was actually pretty neat to watch and I got a video of it that I will try to post on here later. She told us to expect to be here until supper time. She also said that once the test results come back the cardiologist, Dr. Guy, would come talk to us as well. To our surprise, he just came in while I was typing this blog post and said that everything looked OK. He said that Garth probably needed to lose about 20 lbs. (don't we all?), get more exercise, and eat right. He still wants to do a stress test later that will be done on the same day that his stent gets removed (next Friday), but he expects it to be fine. So, I am hopeful that we will be able to get out of here within the next 2 hours! Yeah!

Thank you all for your prayers. They mean a lot to us.

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