Monday, January 10, 2011

Travel packing list

So I said on the blog announcing our court date that I would list the items that we will need to take with us. I have divided these items up in different categories. In addition to taking what we will need for ourselves, we will also be taking donations for the transition homes and orphanages and gifts for the children, nannies, drivers, AWAA workers, and guest home staff. The orphanages and transition homes really depend on these donations to help them care for the children to the best of their ability. Some items are very hard to get in Ethiopia or very expensive. Therefore we are very happy to help them with different items.

o   Gifts for the nannies       
o   Chocolate bars for AWAA and guesthouse staff
o   Enfamil or Similac lactose free formula (Parent’s Choice from Wal-Mart, Target’s generic formula, and Kirkland formula from Costco are OK as well)
o   Children’s vitamins, OTC medicines, cough medicine
o   Children’s clothing (used is OK as long as they aren’t worn or stained)
o   Children’s shoes
o   Stickers
o   Chap stick for older kids
o   Toothbrushes
o   Suckers
o   Unscented baby wipes
o   Diapers for up to 30 lbs.
o   Granola bars (to give away to street kids as well as kids in orphanages)
o   A & D Diaper rash ointment
o   Toys to stimulate babies
o   Baby nose saline spray
o   Neosporin
o   Paper towels
o   Gum packets for older kids

o   6 outfits each for J & S
o   5 outfits for me
o   3 outfits for Garth
o   2 sets of pajamas for me, J, and S
o   2 pairs of shoes each
o   Rain coats for the boys
o   Umbrella
o   Socks for the boys
o   Underwear for J
o   3 sweatshirts for me, J, and S, 2 for Garth

o   Oatmeal packets
o   Ramen noodles
o   Healthy Choice steamer meals
o   Instant macaroni and cheese
o   Trail mix
o   Granola bars
o   Wheatables/crackers
o   Goldfish crackers
o   Peanut butter
o   Honey
o   Crystal light packets
o   Kool-Aid packets
o   Gu
o   Fruit cups
o   Applesauce
o   Microwave popcorn

o   Shampoo/Conditioner
o   Body wash
o   Loofah
o   Powder
o   Toothbrush/Toothpaste
o   Razor
o   Tweezers
o   Tissues
o   Pik/Brush
o   Lotion
o   Glasses
o   Ponytail holders
o   Feminine hygiene products
o   Chap stick
o   Antibacterial hand sanitizer
o   Small packets of tissues to take with me everywhere
o   Antibacterial wipes
o   Washcloths
o   Nail clippers
o   Travel size toilet paper (several rolls of these)

Medications for Garth and me
o   Antibiotics
o   Pepto-Bismol
o   Imodium AD
o   OTC yeast infection medicine
o   Ibuprofen
o   Benadryl
o   Band-Aids
o   Neosporin
o   Hydrocortisone cream
o   Tums
o   Airborne
o   Cough drops
o   Sleeping pill to take on plane

Medications for J & S
o   Children’s Tylenol
o   Children’s Benadryl
o   Butt Paste
o   Mylicon
o   Scabies medication
o   Children’s cough syrup
o   Band-Aids

Toys for J & S
o   Books
o   Cars
o   Coloring book and colors
o   Play-Doh
o   Little People toys

o   Laptop and cord
o   Camera, batteries, and USB cord
o   Flip camera
o   Electrical converter
o   Pens
o   Bible
o   Books
o   Ethiopia travel book
o   Flashlight and batteries
o   Eye mask
o   Neck pillows
o   Bug spray with DEET
o   Sunscreen
o   Plastic pitcher for holding boiled water and/or Kool-Aid
o   Pre-addressed labels for letters/postcards
o   Money belt
o   Blanket to sit on when at transition home
o   Care packages for 5 families
o   Photo release forms (so I can take pictures/videos of other kids waiting for their family)
o   Passport
o   Plane tickets
o   I-171H form (needed to bring the boys home)

o   $20 for Garth’s Visa
o   $800 for J & S Visa’s
o   $3000 to $5000 cash for entire stay

I may be missing some items that I might want to bring, but that is what I have thought of so far thanks to tips from AW as well as families who have gone before us. While I am there I will attempt to update our blog with updates. I am hoping that all the paperwork will be at the court hearing the first time so we can pass court and hopefully have an Embassy appointment 4-5 weeks later. If you would like to help supply some of the items listed above, please feel free to send them to us. I will begin putting everything we will be taking with us in our downstairs bedroom in an attempt to stay organized. Thanks for all your assistance!


  1. Hey Carmen! I had a food thought for you! I just bought Archer Farms Real Fruit Strips from Target and I thought they may be a perfect thing to bring with you. The are already flat so they can't get squished or anything and they each have a half serving of organic fruit. I bought the wild berry but they had several choices.
    Hopefully I'll be asking you to take pictures for us and maybe even a care package (hands folded in prayer!!!)

    Happy packing!

  2. Thanks Shannon! It is now on my list!


  3. Just a note about updating your blog. Blogspot is blocked in Ethiopia and you may be able to update through email, but I found it easier to just send an email with my blog entry to friend/(sil) in the states to update it for me. It worked out really well.

    Good luck!


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