Sunday, February 27, 2011

2011 Featured families #7

This week will be the last week of featured least until I get back. I have really enjoyed featuring other adoptive families and would love to continue this once I get back.Time will tell.....
Todd, Amber, Jay Tyler, and Leah Dufries

This week's featured family is Todd and Amber Dufries from West Columbia, SC. They have been married almost 6 years and have two biological children. Leah is 3 and Jay Tyler is 18 months. Todd works for US Foodservice and Amber has been a stay-at-home mommy for almost 2 years. They felt God calling them to adopt this past summer and prayed through the summer and fall about adopting and what country to adopt from and God led them to Ethiopia! To read the story about why they decided to adopt, read this entry here. On September 30, 2010, they were accepted into the Ethiopia program at AWAA and they were officially DTE on February 4. They are requesting a boy or girl age 0-24 months.

For a fundraiser, they are going to be having a big yard sale on March 12. If you live near by and would like to donate some items, they would LOVE to take them off your hands. I'm pretty sure they would be happy to take any monetary donations if you would like to send them as well. :-) Check out their blog here!

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  1. Are you still doing featured families? I'd love to know more! I have loved going back and reading about all the other adoptive families. Such a great idea!!

    Lindsey :)


Today I Kissed an Angel

Today I kissed an angel. I knew it from the start. The first time my angel smiled at me; I gave away my heart.

Today I kissed an angel; This angel child of mine. Though not of my creation, My child by God's design.

Today I kissed an angel. My heart is dancing wild; Our family, by a miracle; Blessed by our angel child.

All I Really Want by Steven Curtis Chapman