Monday, February 14, 2011

2011 Featured family #5

Pam and Nate Maxwell

This week's featured family post is especially fun for me to write because Garth and I just spent the weekend with them in Iowa! Nate and Pam Maxwell are from Ankeny, Iowa. They have been married 6-1/2 years and are currently waiting for two siblings ages 0-4. Pam is a Pre-K teacher at Victory Christian Academy and Nate works at Wells Fargo. They currently have no children, but do have one cat, Oreo.

Pam and Nate started their adoption journey in March 2010 when they officially decided to adopt. They looked at agencies for the next month and chose AWAA in April. On May 5 they submitted their application to AWAA and on June 2 they were accepted into the Ethiopia program. They were able to get their dossier completed and were DTE on Christmas Eve! They are currently number 22 on the unofficial list of families wanting siblings age 4 and less.

Pam and Nate have several fundraisers and every Friday Pam writes a "Fundraiser Friday" post on their blog.

Lifesong Matching Grant: This is their newest fundraiser. Lifesong for Orphans will match any donation up to $3000 through April 15! I would love to hear that there are people out there who donated some of their tax refund to Lifesong for this family! For instructions on donating to this grant, click here. All donations are also tax deductible!

Soup Supper/Silent Auction: This coming Saturday, they are also having a soup supper/silent auction at Slater Baptist Church in Slater, Iowa. Some of the items that they will be auctioning off are: a Hair Bow basket, kitchen basket, 2 baby afghans, a Mary Kay basket, Edible Arrangements basket, and a Wellspring gift certificate. They will also be serving soup and desserts for everyone. Check out the details here.

Homemade cards: Nathan's sister Heidi got a group of creative and talented ladies together to make a wide variety of homemade cards. They made cards for birthdays, get well, wedding, sympathy, and general friendship (to name a few). The cards were put into 4-card packets. They are asking for a donation of $10 for each packet. Get the details here.

Faith and Grace Quilts: In October, a college friend, Karen, contacted Pam about doing a fundraiser for their adoption. Karen likes to make quilts and she wanted to make a quilt for both of their future children via donations from friends and family. How does it work? Well for a minimum $10 donation, Karen will make a quilt block. Each block will feature an appliqued star and no two blocks will be the same. On the back of the square she will put your name so the children will know who helped bring them home! For more details on this fantastic fundraiser, click here.

Just Love Coffee: Nate and Pam also have a Just Love Coffee website so get on over there and order some coffee. Click here to get to their store!

Soda cans: Pam and Nate started this fundraiser on June 18 and so far they have deposited 9570 soda cans/bottles! That is $478.50! If you live in the Ankeny/Des Moines area and would like to donate cans/bottles to them, contact Pam at They would love to take them off your hands!

Christmas ornaments: I know that Christmas is over, but who doesn't like homemade Christmas ornaments at any time of year? There are 5 left and you can get them for $10 each. Check them out here.

With all of these very unique fundraisers, I KNOW that you are going to be able to help them in some way. Right now they are fundraising for their referral acceptance fee, which is $9785. They currently have 43% of that amount. I would LOVE to see that thermometer jump to at least 50% of the amount by NEXT MONDAY! That would require donations of $706 total in a week... I know that we can do it if we try! So let's really bless Pam and Nate this week!

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Today I kissed an angel. I knew it from the start. The first time my angel smiled at me; I gave away my heart.

Today I kissed an angel; This angel child of mine. Though not of my creation, My child by God's design.

Today I kissed an angel. My heart is dancing wild; Our family, by a miracle; Blessed by our angel child.

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