Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Great day for AWAA Ethiopia families!

I know I have said this before, but there are times where referral, court date, and Embassy date news seems to be at a standstill. That has been the case since about the end of January. These types of announcements have been trickling in very slowly. Well today that has ended! So far today on the AW Yahoo Group, FIVE families have been notified of their court date and one family received Embassy clearance! It is amazing what these days do for those who are waiting. Today's news was even more exciting for me because I have been e-mailing a couple families specifically over the months so knowing that they will be going to see their kiddos soon brings such gladness in my heart! The Grant family is adopting two boys who are also from the Sidamo region so we shared that bond. They received their referral on October 29 and have been waiting since then for their court date. The Weber family is also adopting two children who are unrelated. They received their referral for their son on November 4 and their daughter on November 10. Since we had referrals at around the same time, we have been keeping in contact with each other. Now I know that I will get to meet BOTH of these families in Ethiopia! Both of these families have court dates on April 5 and I'm sure I will still be there! YEAH GOD!!!!!!!

Now we just need to hear of some more referrals. If that would happen this week it would be one of the BEST WEEKS EVER!


  1. AMEN! I have to disagree on one thing though - things have been slooooooooow since November! Now come on referrals!

  2. God is good! Thanks for sharing your story.

  3. Our agency had 13 families pass court last week on 2/21! Also great news for everyone waiting. And hopefully a positive sign for those of with upcoming court dates.

  4. Our son is from that region too :)!

  5. i love seeing all this movement, it's so exciting! speaking of exciting...aren't you just dying with excitement that you are leaving next week to finally meet your children? my heart races for you and i am overwhelmed with joy for you :)

  6. Such a wonderful day for AWAA families for sure!! Looking forward to meeting you in Ethiopia!!!

  7. We are forever bonded to the people we traveled with. Strangers before and extended family now...I really did not foresee that as our boys are deaf and had been in the care center a short time, I did not think we would have so much to share and the kids would eliminate the communication barrier in such a short time I believe that happened because they were surviving together. I am so grateful to be friends with the travel group. Amazing experience...still times I stop and think "did that happen?"

  8. Wow, is that normal to wait 4 to 6 months for a court date with awaa? That's really long...usually it is 2 to 3 no?

  9. Vanessa,yes that was a long time to wait for a court date.


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