Sunday, July 24, 2011

3 months home

Yesterday marked the 3 month anniversary that Jeremiah and Simon have been in the US! We celebrated by going to see some friends of ours in Ankeny, Iowa who were having an adoption garage sale fundraiser. :-) They will be adopting two siblings (currently waiting for a referral) so I wanted them to experience what it could be like for them. We also found some great buys at their garage sale including a bicycle for Jeremiah, a pair of shorts, and a computer desk. The boys got to experience McDonald's play place for the first time (until someone ratted them out the kids who didn't have socks on). Thankfully they had played enough that they weren't too disappointed to stop.

This month has brought more outside play, our 3 month post placement visit which went very well, their first rodeo in O'Neill, Nebraska, helping mommy make chocolate chip cookies and rice krispy bars, getting their hair cut (by a professional...I had done it once before), and just generally having fun. The boys are growing quite a bit as well which is exciting. On April 27 we measured the boys' height and Jeremiah was 3 feet 1-3/4 inches tall. He is now 3 feet 3-1/4 inches tall! Simon on April 27 was 2 feet 11 inches. He is now 3 feet and 3/4 inches tall! That is AWESOME since they were very little for their ages. One change that has taken place this month was that I started working again. I have to tell you that it was HARD to go back after having been off since the beginning of March, but it gives Garth time alone with the boys. I am working from home as a medical transcriptionist. My hours are Sunday through Thursday 7p-1a. I chose these hours so that we could have one meal together as a family at dinner and I would still have time to start working after eating. I just started on Wednesday so I have 2 nights under my belt. I get one 15-minute break so I try to take that around the boys' bedtime so I can give them hugs and kisses and tuck them in. Another perk to this schedule is that Garth gets to clean up the kitchen after supper. :-)

As I've said since we brought the boys home, things are still going really, really well. The boys are an absolute delight. I still LOVE hearing their little voices in the back seat as we are driving and their laughs are contagious. I never tire of hearing that. I posted several of this month's pictures in the 2 month and 2 week blog, so if you missed those click here, otherwise, here are the newest pictures since those!

Smiley boys

Jeremiah relaxing in the back yard

Simon relaxing in the back yard

My favorite kind of laundry

My John Deere boys

New towels from David and Jennifer Druckenmiller

Daddy and Simon

Helping Mommy melt marshmallows for rice krispy treats

Jeremiah and Mommy

Simon after a busy afternoon

Jeremiah that same day 

Jeremiah getting his hair cut by Susan

Simon's new hair cut

Jeremiah's new hair cut

Nate and Pam Maxwell with the boys

Mommy, Jeremiah, Daddy, and Simon at Maxwell's house

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