Friday, December 23, 2011

8 months home

Wow, I really have no idea where the last month went. It seems like just yesterday I was blogging about 7 months home. This has been a very busy month. We had Simon's 4th birthday, Thanksgiving, getting ready for our first Christmas together, going to see cousins James and Rebecca in their church Christmas plays, a Christmas party, as well as having a "career" change for me.

To read about Simon's birthday and Thanksgiving, click here.

To read my thoughts on Christmas and Santa, click here.

Now on to my "career" change: I am VERY happy to report that as of December 29, 2011, I will no longer be working 7p-1a as I have started an in-home daycare! I actually started this past Monday with 1 little boy. His mom brings him here around 9:00 a.m. so for 2 weeks I have him from 9-5:30ish and then working at my transcription job from 7p-1a. In between, we have supper and I try to have a few minutes of quiet. In January, I will add 2 more boys to my group....that's right I'll have FIVE boys. I am in the process of getting certified with the state and then I'll be able to have up to 10 kids in my care (which include our boys). The advantage of being certified (other than being able to take on more kids) is that I will be able to participate in a food program so the money I spend on food to feed all the kiddos will get reimbursed. In spite of being exhausted this week, I have enjoyed providing care for this little boy and the boys LOVE having someone else to play with. The biggest adjustment, though, is not being able to go places at the drop of a hat. I don't have a van so now that I would have to have 3 car seats, we can't go anywhere unless we walk. The only drawback to this career change was having to give away 2 of our cats. I was getting quite overwhelmed with all of them and with getting the daycare going, I knew that we needed to downsize. So we made the difficult decision to get rid of the 2 cats we had the shortest amount of time, Smokey and Snickers. I was just going to take them to the humane society, but one of my daycare moms said that she would love to take them. They went to their new home last week. Tears were shed (by me) but I will admit that only having 2 cats again has been MUCH easier. I can already tell the difference in the amount of cat hair that I've been sweeping up.

The biggest excitement this month, of course, is Christmas. The boys are so excited about everything Christmas. When we got the Christmas tree up, the lights up, etc. the joy on the boys' faces was just priceless. Every night when the lights go on the tree, they say "It's Christmas! It's Christmas!" We also have an advent calendar and they have enjoyed moving the characters up and counting down the days until Christmas. They even bought each other a present out of the money they have earned.

We also have our Christmas picture cards here, but mailing them will probably have to wait until after I am done working my night job. Right now I'm having a hard enough time keeping up with the laundry and dishes that I know I can't add another project. I will also be putting our Christmas letter here on the blog so keep an eye out for that within the next couple weeks.

I hope all of you have been having a great month and may the Lord bless you abundantly this Christmas season. Enjoy some pictures from this past month.

Simon on his birthday

Having cinnamon roll waffles

Simon loved them!

Activity book

Crazy 8 cards

Cowboy Simon eating at Granddad and Grandma's

In the haymow at the Kelley farm


Hiding behind a hay bale

Cousin Tim giving boys a ride

Aunt Carol pushing Simon on the swing
Uncle Bruce and Simon's new Inman friend

Sir Jeremiah

Simon wearing Granddad's boots

They started out on their own pillows...
Simon's presents

A Nerf pop shot

A new airplane

Jeremiah got one too

Simon's birthday cake

Jeremiah standing next to the deer Granddad shot
Simon's new outfit from Jennifer and Aaron DeWitt

Simon LOVES Curious George

A new Cars car

Granddad and the boys

Grandma, Jeremiah, Granddad, and Simon

Simon wanted to wear the new outfit the very next day

Nap time...notice who is asleep and who isn't

Jeremiah wearing his stocking

Jeremiah holding stocking Grandma gave him

Simon holding his stocking Grandma gave him

We got them hung up as soon as we got home

Simon next to his
Grandma Kelley also gave us an advent calendar

The boys were so excited when we put the tree up and lights on

Shoveling their 1st snow!

They loved it and have been disappointed not to have more

Making snow angels

Sitting next to the fire

3 sleepy boys

Sticker boys

Simon playing the guitar with his chin

Simon, cousin Jack, and Jeremiah painting ornaments



The finished products

Uncle Brian...the couch

Jeremiah decorating the cookies

Jeremiah with my new headphones on

Then Simon had to have a turn

Presents under the tree!

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