Friday, December 7, 2012

De-Cluttering my life: Books

In an effort to get rid of clutter, I am beginning a winter project of getting rid of things we don't need/want anymore. Tonight, I started with books. I have to tell you that this is NOT easy for me since I love books, but since I have very little time to read anymore, and other people might get more use out of them, I started sorting. I originally was going to just take them to Half Price Books and sell them there, but before I do that, I wanted to give my FB friends and blog readers (all 3 of you..haha) first chance at getting some books if you would like them. Of course, the money that we make will go directly to our adoption. These books are not listed in ANY kind of order, but I did try to put them together if the books were by the same author or in a series. I have listed the books by title and then gave the copyright date and ISBN if there was one listed.

So you may be wondering how much these books are. Well, that's up to you. Make an offer on them and we'll probably take it. If I will be shipping them to you, I will need you to pay for the shipping, but I will ship them as cheaply as possible. If you would like to buy one/some, either leave a comment as to what your offer is and what you want or send me an email at with "Book Order" in the title so I look at it quickly. I am also posting these on and we will be selling them on a first come, first served basis. Tonight I cleaned off 4 shelves and these are the books that we are getting rid of:

The Bookshelf for boys and girls volume 1: Nursery Favorites Old and New, 1955
The Bookshelf for boys and girls volume 2: Happy Hours in Storyland, 1955
The Bookshelf for boys and girls volume 3: Folk and Fairy Tales, 1955
The Bookshelf for boys and girls volume 4: Pictures, Stories, and Music, 1955
The Bookshelf for boys and girls volume 6: Famous stories and verse, 1955 (Yes, we are missing #5)
The Bookshelf for boys and girls volume 7: Nature, Recreation, and Physical Development, 1955
The Bookshelf for boys and girls volume 8: Stories from Every Land

Stories Children Love, 1958 is written in front cover. This was a previous library book*

Exploring Time with Dora: 2004, 1-4127-3177-1

A is for Apple, 2005

My Little Golden Book about God1975, 0-307-02105-X

Green Guide Insects of Australia, 2002, 9781864367379

LGB** Benji, Fastest Dog in the West 1978

LGB of Hymns 1985, 0-307-02003-7

Did Dinosaurs live in Your Backyard? Questions and Answers about Dinosaurs, 1998, 0-590-13085-4

Spongebob Squarepants Bottoms UP! 2002, 0-689-85181-2

Focus on the Family 20 Bible Stories Every Child should Know, 2004, 0-7847-1586-6

Pride and Prejudice, former library book, 1962, 0-590-08576-X

The Bourne Supremacy, 1986, 0-553-26322-6

The Bourne Identity, 1980, 978-0-553-59354-9

The Bourne Ultimatum, 1990, 978-0-553-28773-8

The Last Juror, 2004, 0-440-24157-X

The Summons, 2002, 0-385-50382-2

The Testament, 1999, 0-385-49380-0

The Brethren, 2000, 0-385-49746-6

The Cross and the Switchblade, 1962

36 Hours with an angel, 1990, the binding is a little worn, but otherwise it's OK

Betty Zane, 1903, hard back, binding is taped but still in pretty good condition considering it's age

Hidden Rainbow, 1957

Return from Tomorrow, 2007, 978-0-8007-9432-3

Cassie, The Girl with the Hero's Heart, 1997, 0-8280-1096-X

Ask Suze about Insurance, 2000, 1-57322-421-9 (We have more of these books, just haven't gotten to them yet)

The Passion of Jesus Christ, 2004, 1-58134-608-5

Deeper Kind of Calm, 2006, 1-60006-075-7

Streiker's Bride, 1993, 0-89109-731-7 (I think I have a sequel to this book as well, just haven't come to it yet)

The Little Blue Kitten, 1964, former library book

Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame, 1996, 1-57082-173-9

Mitzi and the Terrible Tyrannosaurus Rex, 1982

LGB Tootle, 1945, 0-307-02097-5

The Incredibles, Play a Sound book, 2004, 1-4127-3029-5

Just The 2 of Us by Will Smith, 2001, 0-439-08792-9

Dinosaurs, 2003, An Usborne book

Baby Einstein First Words, 2008, 978-142311302-7

Circle of Life, 1994, 0-7868-6148-7

Key Words Reading Scheme: Fun at the Farm, 0-7214-0478-2

Troll Treasury of Animal Stories, previously a library book, 1991, 0-8167-2240-4

Strawberry Shortcake The Berry Best Friends' Picnic, 2003, 0-448-43134-3

My Prayer Book, The Lord's Prayer, The Lord is my Shepherd, 2001, Allied Publishing Group

My First Big Book of Questions and Answers of The Bible, 2002, 0-7853-6777-2

My Big Book of Spanish Words, 2008

Circus, Circus, 2005

The Little Red Car, former library book, 1979 is written on the card envelope

Time-Life Books, The Cowboys, 1973

A color of his Own, 1975, 0-439-71588-1

Selected Hymns in Large Print, 1964, From the American Lutheran Church: NO music, just words

Care Bears Caring Contest, 2002, 0-439-45158-2

Walt Disney's Lady and the Tramp, 1993, 0-453-03052-1

I've Seen Santa, 2006, 0-439-89533-2

The Squire and the Scroll, signed copy, 2004, 1-59317-079-3

Scotts Lawns, Your Guide to a Beautiful Yard, 2nd edition, 978-0-696-22969-5

Things I see in Church, 1999, 0-570-05489-3

Salt and Light, 2007, 978-0-9612999-5-8

A Girl Named Sooner, 1972, 0-380-00216-7

Highland Hopes, 2001, 0-7642-2452-2

Rift In Time, 1997, 0-8423-5500-6

Hidden in Time, 2000, 0-8423-5501-4

The Covenant, 2002, 0-7642-2330-5

The Heart's Lonely Secret, 1994, 0-8007-5542-1

God's Handmaiden, 2004, 0-310-24699-7

*Some of these books were in a public school library that closed down. They will have the check-out card and envelope in them. You might even see my name on some of the cards. :-) 
**LGB = Little Golden Book

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