Tuesday, June 4, 2013

TTD session #1: Why Learning Spanish Should be Towards the Top of the Curriculum List for Homeschoolers

Before I begin my review of this session, I wanted to tell you what you can expect to read in my reviews. There were SO MANY sessions that we had to choose from and some were hard to decide, so the first thing I'm going to share is WHY I chose that particular session. I will then share what I learned and finally what, if any, action I will be taking because of that session. So basically, you will get WHY, WHAT, and the ACTION.

The first session I went to on Friday was by Krista Croghan. Krista has been a Spanish teacher for many years and has created an online Spanish class called Croghan Language Academy. The session was very informational and fun and we even spoke a little Spanish during the class.

WHY: I never did take a foreign language and there are times that I wish I had. I also know that it is easier for kids to learn another language so why not start teaching the boys now instead of in high school (or college) when most people do it. So when I saw this was an option, I was intrigued.

WHAT: I learned that bilingual children concentrate better, they will have a competitive edge when it comes to education, they can sort out what is important better, they have improved standardized test scores over monolinguals, and knowing a 2nd language provides better understanding of the 1st language. Now obviously English is NOT the first language for our boys, but they no longer remember any Amharic or Sidamigna so they won't be comparing it to that. Also, Spanish is one of the easier languages to learn along with Italian, French, and Dutch.

I don't know if our boys will go to college or not, but many universities require at least 2 years of a foreign language but most recommend 4 years. If they do go to college, then I don't want them to have to try to catch up in the fast pace of college when they could have been learning it all these years. Besides, it will allow them to communicate with the growing Hispanic population. Did you know that the Hispanic population is the fastest growing population? It is projected that by 2050 there will be around 133 million Spanish-speaking people in the United States.

ACTION: I had already kind of decided that I wanted to teach the boys some Spanish anyway, so it is no surprise that I am interested in this program. I still have to work out a few details yet, but I am planning on having them in some kind of Spanish program in the near future. Also, with this program I would be able to learn along with the boys which I would enjoy.

I'm many of you have taken a foreign language class? What language? Do you still speak it? Leave a comment below. Thanks!

Tomorrow I will be blogging about one of my favorite sessions...Ballistic Homeschooling: Teaching Boys. Stay tuned!


  1. This is really intriguing to me! We have always talked about teaching our kids Spanish (my husband was almost fluent for a time, but since he stopped using it he needs a refresher) but for some reason we just never did. For me, the main reason is simply I don't know HOW! I don't know the language well enough to know where to start. Can I ask what you would recommend?

    Lately we have even discussed learning Amharic as a family.....that sounds really hard though =)

    1. Thanks for your comment, Mama Mimi! I completely understand the not knowing how. I am pretty sure that we will be going with the Croghan Language Academy that I referenced above so we can all learn together, but you could also call a local Spanish teacher in a high school to see if they tutor or have any other suggestions. I am going to do that as well here.

  2. I am fluent in four languages and it's great to speak other languages. We just adopted our son from India at the moment we speak English at home but I am already slowly introducing him to French and Dutch. He came to us with speech delay but after three months he has made enormous progress and he can repeat and pronounce almost anything I say in another language. It's phenomenal so yes teach your boys Spanish! It will do them so much good in the future because it is true what you say, it will provide them a better understanding of their English as well and allow them to travel and make friends!


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